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Friday, February 03, 2006

No stopping traffic flow


Not enough cars to warrant stop sign on Washington

By Mike Lesko,

Bedford Sun Banner 

Feb. 2, 2006

BEDFORD —  Motorists are no longer seeing red —  red, as in stop signs, that is —  on Washington Street.

But resident Terry Svagerko is a little flushed over the removal of stop signs on the street.

"I'm concerned about taking them all out," Svagerko said, noting that there is less than a half-mile on Washington between Columbus Road and Central Primary School.

"Why can't we leave just one stop sign, maybe at Woodrow Avenue, to slow people down? Cars fly down that street," he said.

Washington, which is next to Southeast Branch Library, was closed much of last year while new water lines were installed. When the street was repaved and reopened a month ago, the stop signs were removed.

It also has been an adjustment for Bedford's Joyce Daunch. "I have to remind myself that there is no stop sign when I cross there," she said.

City Manager Bob Reid said because the street was upgraded, town leaders consider it new.

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