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Monday, January 16, 2006

Dept. of ED: Bedford Schools to lose $5.8mil without Walton Hills

 A bigger hit projected

State report says schools would lose $5.8 million if Walton Hills exits

Staff Writer

Jan. 12, 2006

BEDFORD —  Bedford Schools would lose almost $2 million more than previously anticipated if Walton Hills left the district, according to a new report from the Ohio Department of Education.

The O.D.E. projected the loss at about $5.8 million a year. A year ago, Bedford school officials estimated the potential annual loss at just under $4 million.

"The results of the projection demonstrate even more strongly that if Walton Hills left, it would devastate the 3,800 students who attend school here every day," Superintendent Martha Motsco said.

Motsco said the loss could not be made up "without significantly impacting our schools in a negative way."

"It would mean drastically cutting programs and services for the students in the other three communities," she said.

The district serves Bedford, Bedford Heights, Oakwood and Walton Hills.

Walton Hills leaders want to see the village move to Cuyahoga Heights Local Schools.

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