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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Announcements from the City of Bedford

Odds & Ends from City Hall...
Leaf Collection: has begun.  Rake leaves to the tree lawn.  DO NOT PUT LEAVES IN THE STREET (You will be issued a citation for littering.Per City Ordinance 532.04)  Raking leaves into the street blocks catch basins and storm sewers. 
The CIty will run 4 machines and make continuous rounds until leaves are collected.
Please try to avoid parking on public streets during leaf collection.
Xmas tree collection:  The tree chipper will make the rounds until Xmas trees are collected.  Please place tree on tree lawn and make sure bags and ornaments have been removed before pickup.
Snow Removal: When snow exceeds 2 inches, a parking ban is put into effect.  No parking on any city street. (Ord 5641-86) Making is easier for plows to clear the streets.
Snow removal from driveways & sidewalks are the property owner's responsibility.  All snow from driveways or sidewalks is to remain on your property.
Rockside Road bridge: Construction will commence in the Fall of 2005 and will be completed in Summer 2006.  Traffic will be maintained at all times, but expect inconveniences and possible delays.
Christmas in Bedford Falls:  Scheduled for Saturday Dec. 10th 12 noon to 4PM at Bedford Commons Square.
Holiday Tree Lighting ceremony & Historic Marker Dedication: Wednesday Nov. 23rd at 6PM.  Santa Claus will stop by, and refreshemnts will be sold by the Bedford Firefighters Local 1683.
Blue Bag Recycling: Distribution of blue recycling bags to residents will start Summer 2006, as well as with the Spring/Summer Newsletter and the Good Neighbor guide.
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