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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Quartet on November ballot seeking 3 School Board seats

by Emily Canning-Dean

Bedford Times Register Reporter

After Terry Sanders withdrew last week from the race for the Bedford Board of Education (See story, Page 4), four candidates are left to compete for three seats on the School Board. Those running are incumbent Debora Kozak, who was appointed to the Board when Kay Santangelo resigned, Andrew Mizsak, Daisy Roane and Tim Tench.

A main focus for all candidates will be school funding.

“If I am elected, I want to talk to many state officials and put pressure on them to find better ways to fund public schools,” Tench said.

Mizsak said he agrees that changes need to be made.

“I would be in favor of an amendment to the Ohio Constitution that would permit casino gambling, or at least video slots in order to fund our schools,” Mizsak said. “I would keep the option open for a 1 percent increase in the state sales tax ... that would specifically earmark that additional percentage for the funding of K through 12 education.”

Roane said she thinks there are alternative ways the district can bring in revenue.

“I think we need to look at renting out some of our facilities for events, such as our auditoriums. I believe in grants, and I want to work closely with the district’s grant writer,” she said.

Kozak said she believes it also is important to monitor what is going on within the district.

“I think we need to be accountable for all of the money that we spend,” she said. “There has often been talk of ‘pay to play’ for athletics, but I would hate to see that happen. I think we as the district need to come together to come up with other solutions.”

Kozak said Board members also should keep an eye on capital improvements, although she said she believes Business Manager Jerry Zgrabik is doing a good job keeping up buildings in the district.

“I think we need to look at what is best for our kids and we need to focus on safety,” she said.

Roane said she toured the buildings in the district two years ago and was impressed with their condition.

“If elected, I would like to tour the buildings again to make sure that none of them have deteriorated, and make assessments at that time,” she said.

Tench said he, too, would like to tour the buildings in the district if he were elected.

“I would also like to talk to the custodians and principals in the buildings, the people who are there every day and receive feedback from them about what needs to be done,” he said.

Mizsak said he thinks the buildings and grounds in the district are in good condition. If budget permits, Mizsak said he would like to make improvements to save on energy costs.

“I would like to replace windows in school facilities with those that are more insulated to reduce heating costs,” he said. “I also would like to see automatic flush toilets in all buildings, as well as automatic sinks and faucets in restrooms. These are not only cost-saving ideas, but they are also environmentally friendly.”

All of the Board members offered ideas on how the school district can improve state report card scores.

“I think we need to offer as much tutoring as possible, and I think we need to work with students who come into the district,” Kozak said. “I think students who move into the district should take a placement test, so we can best figure out where they need help.”

Tench said he would like the district to offer classes to parents so they can help their children with school.

“What happens is you have children who don’t know how to learn because they grow up in an environment not knowing how to learn,” he said. “We can help the students by helping their parents.”

Roane said she would like to have a committee formed to determine why some students in the district are having trouble learning.

“I think we need to constantly monitor students and individually diagnose areas where they need help,” she said.

Mizsak said he thinks there are a few steps the district can take to improve state test scores.

“Spend a part of every school day working on problem solving and analytical skills with students,” he said. “Use students in the upper grades to mentor and tutor students. Also, inform parents and guardians better what is on the test and train them in how to prepare their child for the tests.”

Election day is Nov. 8.


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Blogger Truth in Bedford said...

A quick commentI feel I should make to allow people to be aware of Mrs. Roane's commitments regarding the Candidate Forum at the Heskett PTSA meeting. I may be paraphrasing and correct me if I'm wrong, but Daisy is calling for higher taxes, less vocational programs, and more testing. I don't know what she is planning on doing with these. Improving test scores is not the point of schools, its the overrall education in various areas.

Tests are great until you get to college. If you teach to the test, which as a recent student I can say that is what they do, you do not allow the skills for kids to move on after high school. Then where do they go if they aren't prepared for college. Just barely passing the OGT vocational education is key to many students success. You can also say that college is not intended for everyone.

Raising taxes and making cuts in the district seems to be the wrong message we would want to send the residents. It will only be harder to pass future levies.

It seems that Mrs. Roane would be an instigator and accomplish nothing on the board. It seems that she would bring a seperate agenda that is not in the distric's best interest. We need to have board members willing to work together, unlike the current Board of Education.

Another problem I have, personally, when considering Mrs. Roane is her lack of awareness inside the schools. She may work with the education department, but what allows her to think her ideas will work? She has only toured the buildings once to my knowledge.

To clarify the difference this is not Ron Lisy. I have my own blog at

11:24 AM  

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