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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Lisy wins Sun Banner endorsement


The Bedford Sun Banner has endorsed the re-election of Bedford Councilman Ron Lisy.

Lisy, completing his first four-year term, in challenged for re-election by former Councilman Warner Batten, whom Lisy defeated in 2001.

"His efforts to help spur redevelopment and his understanding of how to attract younger families to an aging inner-ring suburb show the makings of a committed ward councilman," stated the Sun Banner editorial. "All he needs is more time to grow into that role."

Upon learning of the Sun Banner's vote of confidence, Lisy stated, "I'm pleased to hear of their endorsement. I've worked hard to represent the people of Bedford, we've made a lot of progress, but there's still work to be done."

The election for Bedford's City Council is Tuesday, November 8th.


Blogger Truth in Bedford said...

I was very disappointed with this article. When the title of a blog is: "Bedford Ohio Blog" and the subjects are all about positive occurances within the community there is no need for shameless plugs.

Mr. Lisy you have reported the good-doings of this community and I thought that was a wonderful thing. I often checked up on your site to hear what was going on.

This plug for your campaign was very much uncalled for. Everyone in politics is getting endorsed by everyone. I had a piece in the mail from Jimmy Dimora who is endorsing Andrew Mizsak for school board. I've heard of endorsements from just about any candidate out there.

You are the only councilmember up for re-election with an opponent and you are the newest member up for re-election. Warner-Batten has history in your seat on council. You being endorsed is nothing except a boost to the sales of their papers. Their judgement at the Sun banner is often based on that factor "How many papers can we sell?"

This had nothing at all to do with the community. The title no longer relates to the subjects of your articles.

Is this your first endorsement? I want to know why this one is so great and that it puts you above Warner-Batten. At this point, Warner-Batten is viewed as a better person because he has not made such a public stab at you on something that he uses to update citizens on the activities of the community.

If you truly wanted to make an entry this politically motivated, I suggest that you invest in another blog site or

I really respected this motion to make this blog and I have been a faithful reader, but I lost the respect when I read that article. To be fair you should leave a positive note for Mr. Batten... How he is president of an organization that betters the community and provides scholarships to Bedford High School students.

I will make this "plug" aware to my friends in Bedford. Just as fairly as I would tell them about anything Warner-Batten has done.

I am disappointed.

1:13 AM  
Blogger RonL said...


First off I do want to mention that I was just informed of your blog's existence earlier today, so as to your not getting feedback from me on issues you've raised-- well I'll give some right now.

New rec. center: I am supportive. The Sun Banner ran an article last June (maybe May) that discussed the issue and I was very clear that I thought the existing facility was inadaquate. PAYING FOR a new rec. center is the holdup-- but building a new one needs to be done.

As far as bike racks in downtown Bedford, again a good idea and I am supportive. In fact I will bring that up to my fellow Councilmembers this coming Monday.

On your assertion that I am the only Bedford Councilmember with opposition this year, actually Greg Pozar in Ward 5 is also opposed.

Yes I am the newest member of Council, and the youngest (by 15 years).

I am supported by numerous folks, including Mayor Dan Pocek who like yourself is a Democrat and Rose Grossenbaugh, widow of the late former Mayor Donald Grossenbaugh.

And finally I have NEVER denied who I am on the original Bedford Ohio Blog. I AM an elected official and I am running for re-election.

Elections are newsworthy. My opponent is welcome to send me information to post, as are you. (Yes I reserve the right to reply)
The VAST majority of information on has been non-campaign related and will continue to be so.

Readers of the blog can discount anything they perceive as my bias, as simply that--my bias.

Mr. Batten's record is out there. He served on Council for 20 years, and controls Bedford Community Council to this day.

If you wish to have issues addressed on my blog as well as yours, email me Lets get a real discussion going.

Ron Lisy

2:38 AM  
Blogger BedfordDemocrat said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

2:19 PM  
Blogger RonL said...

Andrew, Thanks for your comments.

I do agree that newspaper endorsements, or any endorsements, for that matter are just the opinion of those that give them. I believe that my readers have the intellect to decide it the opinion of the endorsee is one they wish to lend credence to.

The fact is that endorsements are just news items in the exchange of ideas that blogs make nescessary and possible.

I seriously doubt that many folks will support me because the Sun Banner said so, but may look at the reasons that the Sun Banner chose to endorse me, and decide if they are valid reasons.

Bedford Ohio Blog is a news source, and the endorsement announcement was a media release from a campaign. I believe most, if not all local candidates. (Four incumbents for Council, two challengers, and Four seeking the School Board seats are aware of this Blog)-- only Mr Mizsak (and myself of course) have had media releases directed here.

And again as I stated I WOULD post releases from my opponent. I believe I match up well with him in the full spotlight of public discourse.

3:57 PM  
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