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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Every American City Must have an Emergency Plan

While the eyes of America are focused on New Orleans, Mississippi and the rest of the Hurricane Katrina damaged area, it is important that we learn from the tragedies there to minimize any future disaster, here in Bedford as well as across America.

                    -Councilman Ron Lisy


Senator Feinstein calls for every American City to Have an emergency plan.

"As we move forward together as a nation, we also need to focus on concrete solutions for improving our preparedness for calamities that engulf any part of the country.

In close cooperation with state and federal emergency agencies, each city in this country absolutely must have an effective emergency plan in place.

These plans need to include professional and skilled emergency operations directors, clear lines of authority, practical evacuation strategies, and previously determined command centers that can be up and running on a moment’s notice with satellite connections and powered by their own generators.

Key department heads should carry two-way radios with extra battery packs at all times.

The plans also must have mechanisms to immediately call for and facilitate the delivery of food, water, and medical supplies to areas in need.

But it is not enough to just have a plan in place. These plans must be rehearsed and drilled until they become second nature for the public agencies, emergency responders, and communities involved. When disaster strikes, there can be no confusion as to what must happen."


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