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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Mizsak on the ballot, ready for true discussion

The following are excerpts for a press release posted on the campaign website of Andrew Miszak, Candidate for Bedford Board of Education.

BEDFORD (Cuyahoga County, Ohio) - - Friday, August 26, 2005 - - School Board Candidate Andrew Mizsak spoke briefly today about how he would like to see this year’s campaign for the Bedford Board of Education shake out.

Mizsak is seeking one of the three seats available on the Bedford Board of Education.

“There are issues of substance that need to be addressed, such as improving relations with the four communities, raising the District’s academic performance rating from ‘Continuous improvement’ to at least effective, watching the District’s finances very carefully, and working to attract residents and businesses to the School District,” added Mizsak.

Mizsak, the Assistant Democratic Leader for the City of Bedford and Village of Walton Hills, has been endorsed by County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora, County Auditor Frank Russo, State Senator Eric D. Fingerhut, Ohio House Democratic Leader Chris Redfern, and the Cleveland Building and Construction Trades Council.

“I want people to know that I am not just one community’s or one organization’s candidate, but rather, I am the peoples’ candidate.  I will not play the politics of race or divisiveness:  I will not allow anti-African American; anti-White; or pro-any specific group sentiments permeate into this race, " continued Mizsak.

When discussing the current state of affairs in the Bedford Schools, Mizsak offers these thoughts:

“With regards to certain current incumbent Board Members, while I thank them for their service, I am not upset that one in particular is not running.  ..... With regards to faculty and staff, there are several in the Administrative Team who need to be evaluated a little closer, and, if I have the privilege of being elected, they will be.  However, I want everyone in the District to know one thing for sure:  although test scores are not the only way to evaluate a School District, I am not satisfied with being in Continuous Improvement, and if I am elected, I will not rest until we are in the next category,” Mizsak said.

Finally, with regards to the issue of the Village of Walton Hills wishing to leave the Bedford City Schools, Mizsak offered this commentary:

“To Mayor Anielski, Council President Knapp, Members of Council, and the people of Walton Hills, I want to work with you.  I want to address your concerns, dispel all rumors, and present to you facts and only facts about the Bedford City Schools.  This is not a perfect school district, but no school district is, and I believe that together, beginning with a true, and constructive dialogue so we can change things from the inside and work to make the Bedford Schools the best district in Ohio,” Mizsak concluded.

Andrew C.M. Mizsak is a candidate for the Bedford Board of Education.   For additional information about the candidate, please refer to his website,


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