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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Downtown business project

The following is from a post on the "Truth in Bedford" blog posted Dec. 29th, 2005
Recently I wrote to several businesses which I would love to see move into Downtown Bedford. There are many sore sights in Bedford as vacancies are created where strong stores once stood. Romito's, Neinal Shoes, and others are closing down and the only businesses that have invested in Downtown Bedford are hair and beauty salons, chiropractors, and small shops which open and close for months at a time.

There are a few stores which receive steady business and are thriving in the dieing center.

Residents are concerned that downtown may someday be considered blighted. At 5:00PM on weekdays downtown Bedford seems to transform into a ghost town. The tumbleweeds would roll, if they existed.

We need to bring in businesses that can bring more people to the area. The community is only as strong as the downtown. Every sector of the community is equally important to the others. The residential, industrial, and commercial demands should match for the best growth oppurtunities.

There has been a group that has formed to discuss and recruit businesses for Bedford. We mainly write letters to companies that may be interested in opening businesses in downtown Bedford or other parts. Many companies have responded and have said to be looking into it and sending representatives and surveyors to weigh their options.
If you are interested in joining this group dedicated to bringing businesses to downtown bedford please comment on this blog.... Its painless. Just click on the underlined word "comment" and leave your e-mail address that I can reach you or e-mail me through my profile when you click on the underlined "truth in bedford." Your support is greatly appreciated, by myself, and others like yourself who want to see Bedford continue to strive for excellent services for it's citizens.
Let me know if you are interested in taking part and I'll will get you the pertinent info.
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Blogger Truth in Bedford said...

The current actions of this project is getting a list of contacts of people devoted to the cause. Then, we will have as many of us meet to talk about what kind of businesses we need or would be successful in Bedford. Then we try and get as many signatures we can to businesses saying they are potential shoppers in Bedford and that we want their businesses as much as they want our business. The petitions would be the most effective approach so far. If there are any other ideas please tell me. I have a small list of people so far, but I have yet to campaign the idea. Hope all is well!

-Mike Matosky

3:43 AM  

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