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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

WalMart Coming to Meadowbrook

The word is that a WalMart Superstore is on its way to the now vacant section of Meadowbrook Market Square.
Site plans will apparently be on the agenda for an upcoming planning commission meeting.
As you may know, the western half of Meadowbrook has been an underperforming property for several years--- prompting council to prepare emminent domain steps against the developer last fall.
Well the Meadowbrook Corporation received the message, and now a prime tennant will be sparking the re-development there very soon.
I for one am glad to see that our work last fall has begun to pay off.
Congratulations to George Goudreau and the City of Bedford for a job well done.  I am proud to have played a role in making this happen.
Former Councilman Ron Lisy
Breaking news....More Details to follow


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