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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Um, yeah, we do need it.

Here's the thing about the whole Elmer Flick statue, private funds are being raised to pay for it, and how many communities in the United States can boast that they are hometown to a baseball hall of famer. This community is a community of greatness, and we need to honor those who have represented our town proudly, and who have done great things.

I understand the previous blogger's thoughts that yes, we have a field named after him...incredibly appropriate, but that field is not in plain view of the potential thousands of people who could pass the proposed statue daily if it is placed in the desired location of the Mayor, Council, and Administration. Moreover, it is another one of those things that could be a tourist draw to Bedford, and potential tourism could bring additional potential revenue to this community. And, yes, not to mention, that would be a lovely attraction on the northern end of Downtown Bedford that could lead into people working further south to Veterans Park, the Commons, the historic buildings and homes, and, ahh, yes, Viaduct Park.

So, there must be some logic into why our City Leaders would want to place the proposed statue in their desired location, and to also maintain the solemnity of the Commons.

Just my two cents.


Anonymous Ken said...

Tourist attraction?
Surely you jest!

Most people don't even know who Elmer Flick is (was) and a couple of people I asked about where the statue should go thought that I was talking about Elmer FUDD! (Personally- I think the best place for the statue would be near a ballfield or Ellenwood, where many little league games are played).

To say this is something that would be a tourist draw is not right. Can you see people coming to Cleveland to visit the Rock Hall or anything else that the region has to offer and deciding to come to Bedford to see the statue of Elmer Flick?

Don't get me wrong- Bedford has a rich history & I appreciate that, but certain things that may look great to some within the city is really no big deal to others. I am one that feels that in order to progress, Bedford should focus on what it HAS or can HAVE going for it rather than what it once had.

3:36 PM  
Blogger King said...

Very well said Ken.

You have to understand the author of this "yeah we do need it" post is a talking head.

Most of the time, people here in Bedford, wish he would take his two cents and put it in a bubble gum machine.

If City officials told him Elmer FUDD would be a good statue for Bedford, he would agree!

But your right, it would not be a tourist draw, it will add nothing to our downtown area, other than serving as "clutter".

But maybe we are wrong. Maybe, the people who never go to downtown Bedford will hear about the statue.

Can't you hear it - Hey honey, I'm bored, how about we go look at the Elmer Flick statue in downtown Bedford.

I guess some people think since it will be built with "private funds" it will be ok.

Problem is the local businesses are being solicited for these "private funds".

One business owner I know was approached to give $10K. The businesses in Bedford must have someone in there every other week asking for money.

Money to donate for the High School yearbook, Lions Festival, Rotary Rib burn-Off, Strawberry Festival, etc....

Guess the thought of some people is - if you own a business, you must have money to give away!

A plaque of some sort placed at Ellenwood or even where they want to put the statue would be fitting.

To show the ignorance of this argument - Who would you say is more famous Elmer Flick or Archibald Willard?

To choose between the two, who would be more deserving of a statue?


9:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You truly have to understand that he is more than a "talking head," and that the "talking head" comment was nothing more than petty jealousy. The "Um, yeah..." author is bright and articulate, and can actually write and speak with substance, well thought-out arguments, and fact, rather than half-truths, deception, and lies.

Oh yeah, and that Andrew guy also has a Master's Degree, and is genuinely patriotic, a dedicated public servant and truly proud of Bedford.

Just a talking head? Don't think so.

6:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's my two cents if anyone cares.

I had Andy in several of my classes in BHS. While very smart, he is also very full of himself.

Love the reference to the watered down Masters Degree.

I was a C maybe B student. I have graduated from CWRU and am now practicing law.

I remember Andy tried to get into law school but could not pass the entrance exam.

So I ask, his Masters means what?

No question he is patriotic and dedicated to Bedford, at least for now.

Doesn't know the difference between Elmer Fudd and Elmer Flick - Now that's funny!


6:33 AM  

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